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 Original Carbine Belt Pouches-These items are Not Sold Separate.  All on this page are Originals and today all these are being made in India.  These items are sold to anybody who is purchasing anything on my website at the minimun purchase of $20.00 or more. Many of the ones you see below, I have only one or two of them.  Therefore most originals are very hard to find. I also have the later version. 

These are original US GI Belt Pouches.  These Pouches were produced in 1942 thru 1944.  As members of the Army got them, they put them on the side of the Carbine Stock as many think that is what these were for.  These were then call "Stock Pouch" by the users. These were supposed to go into the WWII Carbine Belt.  I have two pictures to show you below.  As of 1943 the Army changed these items to require the use in the belts.  The Army also changed almost everything to dark brown inside of the yellow on the early ones.  A few companies told them the contract was for the light color, therefore they were keeping the light colors into the 1944 items.  I have seen only 3 or 4 company names on Belt Pouches from 1944 with early colors on these items.  The rest of the companies changed their colors as required.

This is the early Belt Pouch, produced from 1942 and were supposed to end in 1943, but a few companies actually made them into 1944.   This item looks a little darked than it actually exists.  Notice that is fits on to the Belt, which was required, but many guys put these items on the carbine stocks.   PHOTO  That is why the Army made the later version in 1943 thru 1945. This picture shows the back items that fit on the Belt and will not fit on the carbine stocks.    PHOTO  Many of them were still made in the 1950's and 1960's. 


Here are picture of these items. I need you to tell me which ones you want.  In other words if you want one item made by a company, I might be out of that one.  So make sure you tell me "I want ______.  If you are out of that one, you can send me ______, or another one you have."  If you want only one maker, (and I might be out of that one), let me know that too, as I will not ship what you do not want.

The ones from 1942 are $45.00 Each. These are early originals, and hard to find.  The color of all versions are very slightly because each company make them a little different.  Some are all in the color of light orange, but some are slighly darker orange color.  That happens with the many different companies making several items.

When you see a lot of these, the markings are on the back.  When you look online and see no metal lock up on the back, that is the late junk being made in India.  Back around 20 years ago the large companies were putting the metal one and a lock of the guys did not know why that was there.  The companies started making the junkers without the metal on them so the guys could have it easier to lock them on the Carbine Stock, which was not supposed to be done.

This one is Rubon K.C. 1942     PHOTO     This one is Mid-West Dunk & Canvas Co. 1942   PHOTO

This one is J.Q.M.D. 1942.    PHOTO  This one is R. B. HANSON MFG. CO. 1942   PHOTO 

This one is very rare.  Very few were made like this:  S. FROEHLICH CO. Inc. N.Y.C. 1943.   PHOTO

This small match is 1943. As company made item, the requirement was dark green items.  Both of these company made the 1943 as dark green.  These are $35.00 Each

This item is HEPBURN. MFG. CO.  1943    PHOTO 

This item is BISCAYNE TENT & AWNING CO. Inc.  1943    PHOTO

This Batch is the items changed in 1943.  The Army was worried about the guys putting the pouches on the stock, so they made these types so they would never fit on the stock.  As we know the Belt Pouches were called a Stock Pouch because many were doing that during early WWII.  These items will never fit on the stock and were made again in 1950's and 1960's.  This shows you the real item that has those two slots to fit the Belt.  PHOTO 

This one is AVERY, 1944.  PHOTO    $35.00             This one is AJAY, 1945  $30.00     PHOTO

This one is GEORGE S.RUMLEY CO. 1945  $35.00   PHOTO


This batch is around 1950's-1960's.  I have seen several companies with different years on this.


When you see online these items and there is many ways I can tell that they are fakes.  I will not mention that  because the sellers will change them to look like the requirements that exist.  Call me and I will let you know what to know about the fakes.  Do not tell that to the company, just tell them that you will not want any.  If you mention what is wrong, they will start changing them to look like what is required.


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