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No Sales Outside the United States and no payments accepted from foreign countries.

Welcome to my website.  The site has been revised to be easier to navigate and read. Many of the URL's have been changed to reflect the name of the items they link. Now, when you save individual pages, the URL will help to identify the page.

The navigation bars will bring you to each page of items for sale.  All pages are linked back to the home page. Please note the minimum order, shipping charges, and sales policies listed on each page.


My product line consists of US GI parts and accessories, with a few commercial or reproduction items.  I do not back order, nor do I charge credit cards for items I do not have.  All commercially made or reproduction items are stated as such.
All items are guaranteed to perform as originally designed. Items purchased for something they were not originally designed to do will void the guarantee and their application is strictly at the risk of the user.

I do not sell receivers, or conversion kits, so please do not email me asking for those items. Emails asking for these items will be deleted and no reply will be sent. I do not accept orders nor ship anything outside the US.
I invite you to navigate the site and enjoy the histories. Each history is approximately 95% original research from government and/or ordnance records. Some histories continue with an additional link at the end of the page.
Many of the histories generate questions. Historical questions are fine but please do not email me asking what something is worth. Value is between the seller and purchaser and I cannot predict what somebody else will be willing to spend on something I have not seen or inspected.

All inquiries regarding availability of items must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.
As a final note, thank you for visiting the new web site.  Remember that the old links are no longer active and will take you to an error message.  If you saved individual pages in the past, you will have to save the new pages.

Brand new page on Grenade Launchers and Associated Equipment.


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610-298-2748 Phone   
Hours:  Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Eastern Time Zone 

To contact me via email.....  CLICK HERE